anyone just starting as well as more experienced individuals can benefit from a personal trainer at the body shop.

who needs us?

novice / beginner

Anyone just starting a fitness program can benefit from a personal trainer. starting a new exercise program without assistance can be very intimidating. a lot of equipment can be confusing and, if done incorrectly, could cause injury. approximately 80% of beginners will quit within the first 2-3 months. Seeking the help of a personal trainer can help help to motivate you, design the best workout for your particular level and keep you on track as you progress to meet you fitness goals.

intermediate / advanced

If you have experience in a fitness program you can still benefit from a personal trainer. You might have hit a plateau and need to change your routine in order to see more results. About 75% of people who currently exercise without a trainer are not getting the results they want from there workouts. You may need more motivation to continue improving your level of fitness. You may also need more specialized training for an event or sport or are bored with the basic exercises.